The Sleuth - Issue 49 - Sept/Oct 2014

The Sleuth - Issue 49 - Sept/Oct 2014

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Issue 49 - Sept/Oct 2014

  • CALLING ALL SLEUTHS Editor’s Note by Todd H. Latoski
  • THE CLUE CONUNDRUM “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night,” a trivia match by Pamela Hancock
  • CRAZY EIGHTS WITH MICHAEL G. CORNELIUS Mystery of Crocodile Island by Carolyn Keene
  • DECONSTRUCTING THE DIGESTS Todd Latoski debunks the misconceptions surrounding Nancy Drew #115 The Suspect in the Smoke
  • POP SLEUTH Nancy Drew sightings in pop culture around the globe
  • CLASSIC NANCY DREW GOTHIC Jennifer Fisher explores early titles with gothic themes
  • THE FIGHTERS FOR FREEDOM Series review by By Kelly Boettlin
  • HALLOWEEN CENTERFOLD Spooky Nancy Drew decor
  • THE LEGEND OF THE WAILING GHOST Part Six of the Facebook mystery story by the 29 Ghosts
  • NANCY DREW, THE SINCEREST FORM OF PARODY Todd H. Latoski spotlights a Nancy Drew parody from Crazy Magazine
  • LONG LIVING AUTHORS Jack French surveys the storied careers of series fiction’s longest-living writers
  • THE CLUES IN THE CLUE IN THE DIARY What Nancy Drew tells us about life in the ‘30s, by Chuck Warzyn
  • NANCY DREW’S SURVIVAL GUIDE How to spot a bad guy

  • The Sleuth is a publication of The Nancy Drew Sleuths. The majority of the issue features Nancy Drew - vintage and modern - and each issue briefly focuses on 1 or 2 other similar series as well.

    The Sleuth features articles by mostly adult collectors, scholars and fans. It is not written in the style of children's books for kids--so we'd recommend subscribers be at least 14 and older.