The Sleuth - Issue 1 - Sept/Oct 2006

The Sleuth - Issue 1 - Sept/Oct 2006

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Issue 1 - Sept/Oct 2006

Sept/Oct 2006--Premier Issue

  • Calling All Sleuths—Editor’s Note by Jennifer Fisher
  • The Clue Conundrum—Black Keys Quiz by Kathy Ursich
  • Collector Profile—The Jim McNamara Collection
  • Following in Nancy Drew’s Footsteps—Nancy Drew in the West Country by Lea S. Fox
  • Series Spotlight—Sisters Grimm by Todd H. Latoski
  • The Sleuth, The Whole Sleuth and Nothing But the Sleuth: The Untold Story of Hannah Gruen by Renee Walker
  • Collectible of the Month: Haunted House Starter Set
  • The Vicki Barr Encyclopedia “Q” (but no A) by Michael G. Cornelius
  • The Night I Became Nancy Drew by Pamela J. Horack
  • The Books of Harriet Pyne Grove by Rick Sayers
  • On the Set of Nancy Drew by The Mystery Reporter
  • The Mystery and Mysteries of Margaret Scherf by Jennifer White
  • Wandering Through the Wanderers: Nancy Drew Ghost Stories #2 by Todd H. Latoski
  • Nancy’s Chum Bess Marvin: Closet Athlete by Sharon Reid Harris
  • Nancy Drew News
  • Nancy Drew Notebooks v. The Clue Crew by Audrey Fox
  • Sleuth Cookbook Recipe: Hannah’s Caramel Apple Bobs
  • Revelations from the Stratemeyer Syndicate Archives
  • Nancy Drew’s Survival Guide: Sleuth Lesson #1

  • The Sleuth is a publication of The Nancy Drew Sleuths. The majority of the issue features Nancy Drew - vintage and modern - and each issue briefly focuses on 1 or 2 other similar series as well.

    The Sleuth features articles by mostly adult collectors, scholars and fans. It is not written in the style of children's books for kids--so we'd recommend subscribers be at least 14 and older.